At Swallow Labs, we are a technical group of multimedia-focused engineers from around the world. We are experts in video and audio, and we solve a variety of problems.


  • Embedded Development

    We have experienced various cases such as in-vehicle systems, game consoles, setup boxes, and so on. Due to hardware limitations, resources such as memory are limited, but we are able to implement the system with as little performance loss as possible.

  • Technical Consulting

    It is very hard to research and implement specifications when supporting cross-platform. We specialize in AVFoundation, MediaCodec, MediaFoundation, WebCodecs, etc., and we research platforms every day. If you have any problems, please feel free to ask us.

  • SDK Development

    We have developed many SDKs that can send and receive RTMP and SRT, and even video players. These are offered by some companies on an OEM basis. They can also be customized depending on your requirements.


We dedicates to Cutting-Edge research on audio and video technologies, including real-time video communication, advaced audio and video codec algorithms and standardization, computer vision, image processing, and multimedia quality evaluation.


Shumpei Urabe
Founder and CEO/CTO

I have been involved in software development as a freelancer since his college days. I have experienced mobile application development and server-side development as a technical lead for many video streaming services. After that, I founded NAXA with his university friends. After that, the research division was spun off from NAXA to form Swallow Labs, which will conduct research and development in a wide range of areas such as codecs, protocols, and frameworks.